Hybrid work will be default for Singapore’s public employees

February 1, 2022

According to a report from the Public Accounts Committee, Singapore’s Public Service Division (PSD) would introduce hybrid working arrangements, emphasizing that “hybrid work is not an entitlement” and that “job requirements take precedence.”

According to the Office of the Clerk of Parliament, the committee considered the potential consequences of the change to hybrid working, which would most likely become a permanent element of the public sector workforce.

In the transition to hybrid working arrangements, PSD stated it will implement adequate measures to manage people, workplace health, cyber, and information security.

Remote working has permitted “more flexible collaboration” within the government, with coordination between multiple agencies, within the public sector.

“The mainstreaming of hybrid work in the Public Service would allow the Public Service to lock in the productivity gains from remote working initiated during COVID-19 while balancing the need to foster teamwork and organizational cohesion,” read the report.

“Public sector agencies should determine the specific provisions that best suit the business needs and operating context of their organization. Officers should also adjust their work-from-home schedule to give precedence to organizational needs,” said PSD.

Source: HRM Asia & GWFM Research

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