Dell’s return to office policy: Remote work option offered but there’s a ‘cost’

February 12, 2024

Citing a source familiar with the matter, The Register reported that the ‘new notification’ is expected to be sent to employees on Monday.

Dell implemented a limited version of return-to-office policy last year, allowing those living within an hour’s commute of a nearby office to start coming to work at least three days per week. In what can be called an update to that policy, the tech company is reclassifying most workers as hybrid, which means more employees must now show up in office thrice a week.

Citing a source familiar with the matter, The Register reported that the ‘new notification’ is expected to be sent to employees on Monday.

What is Dell’s new policy

The report claims that the company will send a memo that reclassifies most workers as hybrid – which means that they have to work from a corporate office for at least 39 days per quarter. This translates to three days per week.

Reportedly, workers below a certain pay grade will have the option to choose to be fully remote but that will be at the expense of career advancement opportunities.

“It’s clear from the details I’ve seen that this is a way of thinning the herd,” the source was quoted as saying.

“Folks who live a few hours away from the office will have to go into an office and if they do not, they have to sign up to a remote contract with the tacit understanding that being remote is career limiting,” the source added.

Some groups, specifically field-based and customer-facing teams, will be exempt from this policy, the report claimed.

Directives to push out workers

Some workers have reportedly claimed that these return-to-office tactics by tech companies is a way to push out older workers in a way that avoids the obligation to pay severance.

The report claimed that older workers with established community ties may be less inclined to return to office because they would prefer not to take long commutes or to change living arrangements to meet corporate demands.

“Offices are too small and the new locations are serviced offices with no way of tracking employees coming and going because they are not locations where Dell badges work,” the report quoted the source, who further said that Dell isn’t prepared to enforce its new return-to-office mandate.

Source: GWFM Research & Study

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