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GWFM introduces a brand new course on Smart Manager

This is all about today’s managers with the required skills and capabilities, especially WFM business managers like you need to be much smarter to stay relevant and stay ahead of the curve. These qualities don’t come from anywhere, One has to learn, develop, and practice them.

Syllabus coverage followed by practical sessions, games, assignments, and projects.

  1. A Plan is Not a Strategy and How Smart Manager Becomes a Strategist
  2. A smart manager is the complete art and science of application modeling
  3. GWFM Competency-based learnings:  Street Smartness on Business Acumen, Leadership, Technical, Behavioral, and Functional
  4. Ability to understand the business, clients, competition, stakeholders, investors, local market, regional market, and global market, ethics, values, and culture of the organization better.
  5. Own the Room Strategy – Need for the hour for today’s managers
  6. New learning on “ GWFM’s One Hour Manager” – The ability to revert, action, and solve business problems.
  7. Wearing different HATs in situations with  stakeholders such as  COO & CXO – Ops perspective, HR – People perspective, QA- COE perspective, and CTO / Delivery perspective
  8. Empathy Mapping Structured Framework to stay relevant
  9. How do highly productive Global Leaders do things differently?
  10. Understanding and applying  IQ, EQ, SQ, and AQ  as practice in the business, Key Elements for the WFM Professionals and Leaders
  11. WFM Professionals are introverts or extroverts?  GWFM Reports and Best Practices
  12. GWFM ‘s Maturity model Helps in Building a High-Performing Organization & Improve Profitability
  13. GWFM’s Organisation Model: Weak -> Fat -> Fit and Fittest Organization to standardize
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  • Introduction to WFM Smart Manager

Strategic Planning

What the CEO Wants You to Know

The Future of Work

Profitable Growth Is Everyones Business

The Future of Management in an AI World

How To Speak Like A Master Communication

Storytelling for Leaders

Strategic Storytelling for Smart Managers

Smart Manager




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  1. GR

    Govindraj R A

    6 days ago
    A detailed presentation that is absolutely refreshing and the availability of study materials in a downloadable format is an added advantage.

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