WFM Forecasting Course Content covered the basic and advanced stages of the following chapters

1. Introduction to WFM Forecasting

2. Classification of Forecast

3. Forecasting Methods

4. Synthetic Forecasts

5. Analytical Estimates

6. Use of Economic Indicators

7. Forecasting Process Flow Chart

8. Types of forecasting approaches

9. Point Estimation

10. Averaging approaches

11. Simple Average

12. Moving Average

13. Limitations of Moving average

14. Weighted Moving Average

15. Time Series Analysis

16. Trend Analysis

17. Seasonality Analysis

18. Final Forecast table

19. Day of the week calculation example

20. Funnel Approach of Forecasting

What Will I Learn?

  • Get an in depth understanding of the Fundamentals of Forecasting and then Advanced level .
  • The course is curated and facilitated with the real time business cases 
  • To learn Classification of Forecast
  • To learn Forecasting Methods
  • To learn  Analytical Estimates
  •  To learn how to use of Economic Indicators
  • To get to know Forecasting Process Flow Chart
  • To learn types of Forecasting Approaches
  • The complete Statistical in Forecasting with practical sessions 
  • followed by assignments 
  • Clearing donut of real problems of industry and organisations 

Topics for this course

18 Lessons20h 20m 01s

Getting started in the Forecasting course?

Getting started in the Forecasting course
Introduction to Basic Forecasting Methods
Introduction to Forecasting1:27:40
WFM Statistics
Masterclass on WFM Forecasting -12:47:34
Masterclass on WFM Forecasting -21:25:49
The Linear Regression Model in Forecasting2:11:18
WFM -Forecasting Methodologies (WFM Regression Analysis Review)2:05:42
WFM Forecasting AXA Business case 2:05:42
Forecasting Practical session (Mubi)2:26:24
WFM Time Series Forecasting and Statistics -31:56:05
Forecasting ARIMA practical session 1:49:57
Exponential Smoothing1:50:42
Double Exponential Smoothing1:46:01
RFP Master Class1:11:27
RFP & Billing Practical Session part-11:11:27
RFP & Billing Practical session 21:11:27
RFP Project Team -A Presentation1:11:27
Forecasting Q&A , Practices session1:11:27


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Material Includes

  • Tutorial Booklets
  • Instruction Videos


  • No experience or pre-knowledge required
  • Any computer and/or laptop (both Window and Mac OS)
  • No special software needed, just a connection to the Internet

Target Audience

  • Professionals with background of
  • WFM/ HR / Operation / Resource Management / RM / Workforce Planners

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