Introduction to the Course:

“As we observe and analyze Year after year the workforce continues to dynamically evolve and change with the times. If your staff management tactics and processes are not evolving with them, you are bound to fall behind.” –  David Galic

Workforce / Resource Management plays a critical function in the organization will need to succeed in the future.

By arming yourself with the most sought-after talent management competency, you’ll be able to demonstrate the value of WFM as a strategic partner to the business. This course will arm you with a keen understanding of workforce planning methodology, bolstered by in-depth case studies from organizations like GE, Google, and Procter & Gamble. You’ll gain the consultative and change management skills necessary for developing an action plan to make effective strategic workforce planning a reality in your organization.

Strategic Workforce Management & Analytics is the business process for ensuring that an organization has suitable access to talent to ensure future business success. Planning for both workforce and human resource needs is one of the greatest challenges facing managers and leaders today. A consistent, disciplined approach for matching human resources with the anticipated, and sometimes unanticipated, needs of the company is essential.  WFM Certification program will enable you to learn how Workforce Planning links to strategic and Financial planning while also serving as a true planning tool for the workforce and a basis for justifying budget allocation and manpower staffing levels. Delegates build a business case and a workforce plan scenario to better learn and apply workforce planning to management decisions.

Talent management is a very proactive function aligned with the business objectives and preparing the workforce for the current and future business scenarios. WFM is moved from administration to strategic business partner role and all about creating revenue assurance

One of the key functions in the organization is WFM and all-time CXOs WAR-ROOM discussion. WFM is the resource management and capacity planning, organizations, regardless of size, scope, or activity face critical challenges that they must address to optimize their resources and thus mitigate project delivery delays and overruns, quality issues, and, in the long term, negative bottom-line impact.

WFM learning program has Key findings of comprehensive benchmarking such as :

Pain Area :

•The impact of constant change, visibility lacking into incoming demands, capacity, and an inability to effectively prioritize demand and create supply
Business Risk :
•Revenue lost and costs increased due to neglected windows in the marketplace, continuing perpetually in the mode of crisis, and talent misaligned on the incorrect projects
•Increase maturity level of capacity planning and resource management to increase efficiency, productivity, visibility and prioritization, and optimization of organization.
Course content coverage : 
  1. WFM Overview and Trends in fortune 500 Organisations
  2. WFM Theory
  3. Introduction to Capability, Capacity, Skill Taxonomy, JRSS, Bench, Utilization, Optimisation, Roll-off, Rotation, Resource billing, ROI – Talent Margin overview.
  4. WFM Process & Strategy
  5. Demand & Supply Management
  6. Capacity Planning for 2020 and 2021
  7. Forecasting – Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual
  8. Reskilling -Upskilling Strategy
  9. Planning – Preparing the organization for Future business scenarios
  10. Scheduling – weekly , Monthly windows
  11. Realtime Management
  12. Reporting, Metrics & Analytics ( 10 types of templates from top 5 companies)

What Will I Learn?

  • •To become an SME (subject matter expert) in Workforce management Finance
  • •To build a future SKILL- CURRENCY model
  • •To learn the Art and Science of Revenue assurance model
  • •To learn, practice, and master the Business case building
  • •To learn the Talent Supply Chain Index
  • •To learn how to create Predictive Analytics
  • •To learn WFM Maturity model levels and applied science
  • • To learn techniques & Best practices in the industry
  • •To create Talent liquidity & ROI model and best-suited model for your organization
  • •To learn Digital Talent, Artificial Intelligence and Machine –a new age platforms
  • •To learn Workforce contingency model & JUST-IN-TIME WFM model

Topics for this course

1 Lessons10h

WFM Finance?

Workforce Finance and Revenue Modeling
WFM Finance and Revenue Model2:10:51


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