80% of Mphasis employees take up additional gigs

February 28, 2024

Mphasis is one of those rare IT firms in India to pay its employees an additional sum for taking up gigs. These short-term projects can fetch employees a few thousand rupees once they complete the tasks assigned. The portal displays the tasks, number of hours and the.remuneration they will receive once.it’s completed. Geek Cloud has been operational since 2020.

Bengaluru: Mid-tier IT firm Mphasis said that 80% of its workforce are signing up for gigs on its internal platform Geek Cloud. Each year, the number of employees taking up additional gigs has increased by 10%-15%, the firm’s CHRO Ayaskant Sarangi said. The company has close to 34,000 employees.

Like its peers in the industry, Mphasis is focusing on upskilling. The type of projects an employee takes up on Geek Cloud is considered during appraisals. “Upskilling must be done with a purpose. It’s not enough if employees keep accumulating certificates. It must help our customers in some way. The kind of projects they take up will show how effectively they have completed their courses. That is being monitored and will reflect in the rewards and recognitions they get,” Sarangi said.

In FY23 and FY24, 81% of the employees have been taking online courses available on the company’s internal portal. This has increased from 32% in FY19. Sarangi attributes this increase to the pandemic when people started working from home. “They had a lot of time since they were working from home. Even now, we are working on the hybrid model, so employees can skill themselves. This was difficult earlier,” Sarangi said.

Commenting on the roadmap for Geek Cloud, Sarangi said that the company is planning to get its clients to post more long-term projects on the platform.

Source: GWFM Research & Study

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